A non-profit organisation, Heroes Drinks Company was founded by a UK military veteran with deep military roots. As such, a great deal of time and consideration has been taken in ensuring that the quality of the product closely matches the high standards expected by the Armed Forces.


Heroes Vodka is distilled a minimum of seven times to ensure its purity before being diluted with demineralised Scottish water, resulting in a crystal clear and exceptionally smooth vodka, which has a subtle sweetness.

73% of vodka drinkers would choose to purchase Heroes Vodka over other vodka products (Research conducted by The University of Abertay, 2015)

Heroes Vodka scored 7.65 out of 10 at the World Vodka Awards in 2014

Dragons’ Den panelist James Caan presented Heroes Vodka with the award for ‘Start Up Company of the Year’, in 2014

In addition to the recognition for its exceptional quality, Heroes Drinks Company pledges a minimum of 20% of its profits to Forces and Veterans Charities, which will soon be publicised on the website, providing full transparency to its customers.


Today, the integrity of the company and its mission is represented by ongoing donations to partner charities, and the remaining profit supports business development, creating jobs for veterans nationwide, and work placement programmes aimed at helping veterans back into work.

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